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Visual Story student assignment Spring 2023

In collaboration with Daniela Alexandra Gamarra-Saenz

Bugged is a point and click short story written and created by me and Daniela Gamarra. 

A short, simple story of two people grieving the loss of their dear friend. The game focuses on the five stages of grief and allows the player to choose the dialogue options throughout the story by interacting with different elements of the environment. 

My role

  • 3D artist: for the purposes of this project and the time constraints I used free assets and iterated them by fixing their wireframes and adding textures

  • writer: as a storyteller I did a thorough research on the stages of grief and formed a story and a dialogue

  • developer: I imported 3D assets into Unreal Engine to achieve stylized lighting and colors which conveyed the emotions of the characters (since their facial expressions were impossible to change)

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