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Corvus Nidum

During the Spring term of 2022 I also joined the Visual Storytelling elective course, and although I was just the auditing student I took an active part in the course and made a final project which was received well by the students and the professor George Johnson.

The project is a Twine prototype of a visual novel where the player makes choices that impact the ending of the story. When starting the project I came up with a completely new idea for the storyline and characters and this is what I managed to create by myself during the twelve weeks of the course. Below I present the synopsis for the story and some of the concept art for the characters. In the future I would like to continue this project in a Visual Novel format. 

jagoda with the doll
malina sketch
malinas parents
jagodas parents

A story about the bittersweetness of growing up.

An interactive story about a girl who goes on a rescue mission to find her friend who she’s lost both in the real world and in the world of dreams they used to share.


After three years of living and studying on the other side of the world, Jagoda comes back to her family town in western Poland to take a break before starting university. Right after her arrival she learns that her childhood best friend, Malina, with whom she has lost touch, fell into a coma. Feeling helpless and guilty, Jagoda spends her day wandering around the town trying to learn about Malina’s life after they parted ways and remembering their childhood.

However, now, being at the threshold of adulthood, these memories hit differently. The same places, the same objects, people, animals, trees seem so small and mundane, compared to the big world Jagoda has just seen. How much of what happened then was real, and how much was just their imagination? Should Jagoda abandon this feeling of magic she felt during her plays with Malina in order to grow up and move on? Or should she keep her memories of adventure and wonder intact? Jagoda will learn about herself, Malina and the town through a series of memories and conversations where the player is going to choose which path Jagoda will take.

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